Drugs, Cash and Parties: The Lifestyles of Mayor Pulido’s Friends

The Mayor with Diego. Separate pictures of large sums of money and marijuana growing operations show next to them.
Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido (left with white shirt) and Diego Olivares, a convicted cocaine trafficker. The images are from Olivares' Facebook page.


Locals call them the Mexican seafood version of “Hooters” – but with a narco twist.

They are the Mariscos Hector restaurants — where busty young women wearing tight-fitting shirts serve a heavily working-class Latino clientele while Mexican ballads, known as narcocorridos, blast out in the dining rooms and heap praise on infamous drug lords like Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The purported proprietor of the new Hector’s on Broadway in Santa Ana is one Diego Olivares — a man who seems to have lived the life Mariscos Hector’s glorifies. In the late 1990s he was convicted of orchestrating a cocaine trafficking operation to move 81 lbs. of cocaine across the border from Mexico, according to federal court records, an amount worth upwards of millions of dollars on the street.

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